Saturday, May 1, 2010

knowing when to stop - knowing when to go

As an artist one of the biggest lessons we have to learn is when to stop - how to walk away from a piece for a moment, or stop before we ruin what we're working on with second thoughts and needless reworking. Just like all the rest of it, this is a life lesson as well.

Like all the rest of you I have many projects on my plate right now. It seems like a whole bunch of them rolled on in at the same time. Many of these I am extremely grateful to have. The problem is, I have this dogged determination that at times is an asset and at times is my worst enemy. It becomes self defeating when perspective is lost, it's at those times that I begin to work when I'm tired and set time lines that push just a little too much. Good intentions are lost in the storm when time isn't taken to reflect.

So, with some cheerleading from my kids, we set things aside and the family went to the mountains for a couple days. Nothing fancy, just a change of scenery and being too far from it all to do anything about it. I think we all need that -- and don't tell me you can't find a way. Usually all it takes is some gas money and a picnic.

While we were there we took the drive to Berkeley Springs
The warm mineral waters were considered to be healing by the Native Americans. When you come out of the Roman baths you do feel different. The concept of visiting a ritual bath--or 'mikveh'--has been making a comeback. Orthodox Jews believe that Sarah regularly immersed herself in a body of 'living water'
There is something to emerging naked out of a body of water(other than your bath tub)that gifts you with fresh perspective.

Well, be it a mikveh, or a sweat lodge, let's remember rituals work for us humans. We were programmed with reset buttons...don't forget to use them!

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