Saturday, May 8, 2010

9 x 16

9 x 16 is the size of our city farm plot. We have flower beds in the front and a deck out back, but the portion dedicated to the micro farm is only 9 x 16 We're all learning how much we can produce in the city on this small piece of earth.

It was a beautiful morning and I decided to dedicate the early hours to the garden while the kids road bikes in the ally and the afternoon to setting up some paint for everyone while I work on paper mache. Vacuuming, putting away laundry, cleaning the toilet and scrubbing the bath tub will be crammed in there somewhere.

These images are a little peak at what I found this morning in the garden/hen-house. The beans are doing great, we're growing a purple variety this year in addition to the green, we have a couple ripening strawberries, a variety of greens and few heirloom tomatoes...the brandywines are my favorite.

Remember, tonight is Salad Show-off Saturday!

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