Friday, May 14, 2010

needle and thread

I love fabric...but I don't really know how to sew. Does this keep me from buying new and vintage fabric and stock piling it? No, but I know I have to cut down on my Ikea bags full of treasure.

Making fabric beads helps me cut the cord with those great vintage dresses and table clothes I bought just because of the fabric. I also get to incorporate the big box of beads and broken necklaces I've picked up at flea markets and thrift can get the essence of a whole box of wonderful finds into a single necklace!

First cut little pieces of the fabric (I also love using knits) and start pulling a needle and thread through. Go back and forth tucking, gathering, and stitching until a ball starts to form. The thread, or floss can be an element of the bead if you incorporate the occasional wrap around, or you can stitch close and try to hide it with a matching thread. Beads can be incorporated or other bits of fabric.

There are lots of books out on fabric jewelry right now like Fabric Jewelry 25 Designs to Make Using Silk, Buttons, and Beads by Teresa Searle. These books get me very exited to spend more time dabbling with new materials, but I should NOT be spending any time mastering new crafts right now. My cherished and very limited studio time needs to be dedicated to painting or sculpting at present. I like these beads because I can relax and make some while I'm watching a movie... I don't need to follow any directions, or buy any special materials. It's also great for those people, like me, who insist "There must be a use for that!"

My other favorite use for the scraps - little stuffed animals. The charming naive effect is achieved by the fact that I don't really know how to sew. The animals will parade through on the next needle and thread post.

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