Thursday, May 20, 2010

shake it till your label falls off

It's not all about dirt, chickens, and kids around here. Last night we went out downtown with a couple good friends for a postponed birthday celebration. We shared delicious food we didn't have to cook and took our time to really savor ants-in-their-pants little ones to speed the night along.

Earlier in the day I chaperoned a field trip, primed and sanded panels, weeded the garden, helped clean the garage, did homework and served dinner to the kids. After this I contemplated backing out of our plans. This has been happening lately; feeling tired and over scheduled. In fact it has brought on the painter's equivalent of writer's block, the dreaded, "What is it I'm supposed to do with this paint brush?" feeling. It doesn't go anywhere good from there. Well, I can say that a night out dancing did not leave me tired for the battle with the block; It left me feeling more like myself, my mind is solving problems in a new way, and my husband and I enjoying a renewed appreciation for each other. Dancing is great for tuning-up the unspoken communication.

Am I a believer in the healing power of dance? Why yes, yes I am. While I was outside in the garden with my man this morning I was wondering about why we're so detached from the very things that keep us feeling young and alive? Many people are more likely to seek professional advise regarding their lack of energy, or trouble with their relationship before they just go do the things they always knew they loved. I'm thinking it might have something to do with our "life style" obsession. Everyone is subscribing to websites, watching TV shows, or reading magazines that offer the guidelines of a "life style" I've seen this escalate over the past ten years. Many of them will offer the label "free thinker" but require that you follow strict laws of fashion, diet, and parenting style. It seems it's a thin line between belonging to a community that supports our positive growth and one that restricts us. We're saying "that's not me (anymore)" far too often...moms are famously afraid of judgment and I think this is why they're endlessly targeted.

I believe dance is the perfect antidote for our self imposed limits - blood flows and is replenished with oxygen and nutrients, synovial fluid circulates flushing out pain and stiffness, and our mind is stimulated. We share, without words, with those around us and we hear our own quiet thoughts more clearly.

Dance is the language of the soul" - Martha Graham

So, shake it till your label falls off!


  1. Love it!I'm happy you pushed through and shook that painters block away!

  2. Great post, Rosemary! I feel overscheduled a lot lately, too. I need to go dancing!



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