Friday, May 21, 2010

purpose & ice cream

I believe it was Kate Moss who said, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" Although this may be an effective mantra for keeping bony, I can think of a few things that might give skinny a run for its money.

I try to be good, but here are the top three offenders in the kitchen right now.

1. goat cheese

2. sunflower seed butter - I know, you wouldn't think sunflower seed butter right away, but sometimes I get a craving for spreading it on Fuji apples that must be satisfied.

3. Ben & Jerry's Willie Nelson's Country Peach Cobbler ice cream - no explanation needed.

This is not a diet blog, but I have noticed something interesting that ties this weight thing back into my usual topic. When I'm on a roll creatively I never think about my weight. I was working on a double portrait this afternoon, things were coming along nicely and I took a break to clean some brushes, I also went in the freezer and grabbed a spoonful of peach ice cream -- a little jiggle in the jeans? Big deal. I was also happy with just a spoonful - Balanced mind balanced body.

I hope my daughters never waste their peace of mind on obsessing about their weight. I had times as a teenager when I did. What I know now is, if you find something you love and you feel confident in your abilities there's really no need for the mind to wander about looking for power over weight, or people, or possessions...there's a peace to purpose and it's my job to guide my children there.

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  1. i DID also like this! potatoes are my downfall. and also spelling 'potato(e?)s.'



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