Sunday, May 2, 2010

salad show-off saturdays

Yes, the garden has begun to feed the family again! Right now we're enjoying a variety of greens. The beans and peas are looking good, the strawberries are stout and healthy and the tomato babies go in tomorrow.

Tonight we had fresh baby greens with some sauteed mustard greens woven through, topped with brown rice, beets, red onion and capers. I love making salads and salad season is upon us. I'm starting, "Salad Show-off Saturdays" send me a picture of a salad creation and I'll post. I love seeing the flavor/texture combos people come up with - it will be fun!
Oh, did you know, going meatless even one day a week will greatly improve your health and reduce your carbon footprint? Reducing the consumption of meat on planet earth is the biggest thing we can do to save the planet -- 12 billion gallons of gasoline a year could be saved if we all went meatless once a week.

Let's share some of what we come up with on our meatless days -- be it one day a week, or all seven!


  1. I love salads, too. I posted about a yummy dressing on my blog a while back: Also, this is one of my favorite meatless salads:

  2. mmm...thanks!

    send a pic next time you make it : )



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