Saturday, May 8, 2010

some quick dinner ideas

It was such a nice evening we decided to walk to the grocery store, this and the extra chore of adding some bedding for the chickens on this cool night left me with less time to cook than I had hoped, BUT there are a few things I always keep on hand for fast dinners - Annie's Salad dressings and Delhi Korma Simmer Sauce.
Tonight I made a salad with bib lettuce, radicchio, lots of red onions and hot portobellos on top. I love the way adding a hot element wilts the lettuce just a little. Alderwood smoked sea salt was a nice addition to the mushrooms; it complemented the earthy, meaty flavor. At the end I drizzled Annie's Shitake and Sesame Vinaigrette on top and - voila! This dressing also makes a great marinade for tofu and baby bellas.

Now, the simmer sauce is great because you take whatever you have in the house, put it in a pot with the jar of sauce and you have dinner. I usually steam a pot of basmati rice as well. Our favorite combo seems to be cubed tofu and green beans.

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