Sunday, October 30, 2011

git r done

I know, I know, but tell me, is there any other phrase that sums it up like that?

I did take that time I was looking for. It meant putting anything unnecessary on hold for a while. "Necessary" is relative to the can only pass on party invites, movie nights, hiking (and apparently blogging ) for so long before weariness and imbalance sets in.

The goal was reached. Commissions were completed, two new sculptures are nearing completion (one inspired by this negotiation with time) 

detail of work in progress

and I'm almost ready to stock the Etsy store. Soon you will see holiday ponies in addition to the jointed birds

Around the farm we've been getting ready for the cold weather. We moved the goats and pony to the back field. We were originally going to put electric fence back there, but ended up digging posts and making a paddock around the the little run in. I've heard how goats can be used to clear out land. After witnessing them go to town on the briers, burs, and honeysuckle I'm happy we didn't bush-hog the area first - they had it cleared in three days!

The October snow really surprised us. I was reminded how much more energy it takes to do the chores in the mud and snow and believe me, I can wait quite a while for flakes to fall again.

The weather brought on the animals' appetites. I saw three adolescent raccoons walking down the road looking for grub. The hawks are loud and bold, coming down from the mountain and taking on the annoyance of the crows in the pines. This morning we thought we lost a kitten to the birds of prey. After having two hens carried off, we now know that anything crossing the field on a clear day is up for grabs. Luckily we found Chaplin in the carriage house. This makes me worry about predators. I need to have two new coop doors made soon. I think I'll put the word out to barter for this service. We can't stand to take a loss like we did last year.

Here's a peek around:

Pip, the turkey is reaching maturity

We have roosters now ( this is a Golden Laced Polish)

and the kids are getting ready for Halloween. This year one of the costumes is inspired by, Prunella, from the Arthur show on PBS. Maybe I shouldn't be divulging this (some of us think we're too old for it) but everyone in the family loves Arthur. We watch together on Saturdays. The Prunella costume has inspired an on going art project...more on that later...


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