Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Paper People

What would we share if we didn't fear?
Which simple pleasures have become necessary luxuries?
The explorations of the paper people...

This is all I would originally write about the papier mache sculptures I have come to call the paper people, but people are always curious to know my intention with particular pieces; they want to know what was I thinking when I created them. I'm always a little reluctant to say... I like to wait and let them try to tell me...nobody is ever wrong.

Never has my work come so directly from my dreams. I wake up with the feeling I have been introduced to a paper person who needs to be formed. As I work (it's slow work) the stories of the the individual become clear to me. At times I've wondered about the image; I've wondered why I felt so strongly about certain details. In the end it's clear and images that seemed harsh or confrontational have a deep, simple truth to them.

Some days the paper people are an army of worry dolls that stand in plain sight, not tucked under a pillow. They ease fear and doubt with honesty - creating beauty. On some days they celebrate the things we forgot to.

1 comment:

  1. This paper mom with children, I love and the narrative plays out in my mind. I love my "girl on a chair." It inspires another very personal narrative.



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