Saturday, April 24, 2010


The first three pictures are of our favorite place to visit in Virginia, the last two are of our LITTLE city homestead and some of our pink brandywines from last summer.

We're driving out to Agway Farm Supply today; I'm sipping my coffee and getting very excited. I'm feeling under the weather, but the chickens need feed and I love getting out in the country this time of year.

If I was offered a little farm, and our employment didn't tie us to the city right now, I would pack tonight. I guess I can say this after experiencing many wonderful yet sometimes trying city years. I try to keep a read on whether my farm dream is a grass is greener thing, but I can say with certainty now that I've experienced harsh country living; this is not an idealized dream. We'll always love to visit the city, it's where we started our family, but I know I need to wake up in the country - remembering it stokes sparks in my heart.

I wonder how it would influence my work to return to the country full time? Maybe it won't now after all these years.

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