Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Creativity is essential - our greatest natural resource. Lately we are hearing about its scarcity and the need for governments to develop "policy on creativity" Is it that dire? Maybe there are some simple answers to this problem in our homes and in our hearts.

Am I talking about support of the arts? Well, in part, but the bigger focus is about developing a life style that honors the creativity that will create universal prosperity and new ways of relating to one-another. This creative spark is nurtured by embracing the idea that there are many paths to fulfillment and endless definitions of success. When we call the explorers, rebels, we devalue their contributions.
So, let's imagine we throw it all away and we're left standing here with our families to forge a new trail. I'm willing to bet the richest days of our lives would be ahead of us and we would be in awe of our strength and creativity.

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