Saturday, July 17, 2010

fast, fresh vegan meal (submitted by a reader)

There are many delicious summer desserts that incorporate peaches; here's a savory one suggested by a reader. There's not much to the recipe, just a concept that you can tweak to your liking:

  • Make some long grain, brown basmati rice

  • dice avocado and peaches

  • place on top of a bed of romaine lettuce

I like to toss the avocado and peach cubs in some lemon juice and olive oil, add a little bit of finely chopped red onion, and sprinkle with sea salt.

This is a fast, well balanced vegan meal. Avocado has some amazing health benefits - you can read more about them here. I would also suggest some "So Delicious" coconut water lemonade sorbet for dessert.

Thanks, Nicole!


  1. OMG! That sounds like the perfect summertime meal to me! So Delicious coconut water sorbet is awesome! I haven't tried the lemonade flavor yet, but the mango is delicious!

  2. Ok, mango is next on the list. I've enjoyed many of their coconut products - so good for you too!



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