Saturday, July 10, 2010

finished double portrait

Here's the finished portrait.

I was kept away from it for a while since the last step and as I eyeballed it in passing I got rather fond of its looseness. When I went back to wrap it up, I wasn't feeling the detail I was adding - I stopped myself and will let it be.

When I'm working I'm fed by the magic moment, not necessarily the moments of absolute control. I enjoy the amazement of how one loose gesture can create the wrinkle around a lip that gives away the secret of a concealed smile more than a couple days of glazing would. At the same time I greatly enjoy the work of those who feel fulfilled by a different process, which illustrates a wonderful thing about art - art is witnessing someone's understanding -- how wonderful is that??

Now - Dinner/dishes, a walk to get water ice with the kids, reading, tucking in and then back to the easel. Deadlines approaching for three new pieces.
You can read more here, here, and here,

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