Tuesday, July 27, 2010

keeping house & the benefits of blogging

Maybe some of my friends remember, when inspired by Julie & Julia I decided to clean and organize my way through Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook(a gift from my dear friend, Meredith)I was going strong for a while, but then work got busy (yay) and it kind of sputtered out. I also didn't have a blog at the time, if I had committed to documenting the project I probably would have stuck with it.

Blogs are useful for many strictly personal reasons like this; they allow you to declare your intent, they keep you accountable, and they offer the opportunity to discuss the subject with others. Even if you aren't trying to hone your craft as a writer, or promote a business, they can still be valuable tools for exploring what you believe and setting goals.

Now that I have the blog I think I might revisit this project, maybe devote one day a week to it. I'm aware that my blog covers a great many subjects, but that was kind of the point, it's the universe of our home and family, even my work is centered here. Adding a little about what it takes to keep this place ship shape (or passable depending on the week) would open up for discussion the balancing act many of us share.

Here's one of the projects that I documented. I wish I had used the real camera instead of the phone, but you get the idea.

All of this came out of the closet before conversion...embarrassing, I know.

"Today, I have offices in all my homes, tucked into very compact spaces."

Well, now I do too Martha...all one of them.


  1. very lovely. i do relate to the idea that blogging helps one stick--rather publicly--to one's intent.

    saving a boatload of money so we live better--that's mine. maybe we'll even have plural houses one day. a girl can dream.

    (though i can't resist asking, hey Martha, are you including the Big House?)

  2. I've just started working my way through "Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House" in a similar vein. I really find keeping my house clean and free of clutter (and not just cleaning when we have company coming over!) does a lot for my (and my family's) peace of mind and motivation.

  3. I love homey-stuff like this! It inspires me. I like to live in order it frees me up! And, yes, I love setting goals for myself on my blog, as well.

  4. I need this book. It will inspire me to actually take on one home improvement project at a time. Right now every time I look at our space I get overwhelmed, and that's not good when you're talking about an 1100 sq foot loft.

  5. Yes, blogs are created for many reasons. From personal to business purposes to even a mix of both, we use blogs to declare to everyone our activities, insights, goals, services and the like. But most of all, I think blogs are here for us to find a community whom we share similar things with.



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