Saturday, July 24, 2010

sticky hot hub bub

The children's pass around journal project has begun, it should make it back here for a stop tomorrow and I'll have some pictures to post on Monday. You can get caught up on the project here.

I've been traveling around a bit this week, the kids enjoyed a few days in the mountains with their Nana, so I was in a mad rush to get things done. In fact, my zeal to be productive left me frozen for the first day - I was in shock. I know that sounds silly, but I stood there like a deer in the headlights not knowing what to do first.

Once I adapted we enjoyed a much needed date night that started at, Xochitl in Society Hill - delicious! had an impromptu dance party, and cleaned the house (with a special focus on the kids closets) Every other free moment has been spent in the un-air conditioned studio sweating and painting.

I have a couple projects I need to finish this week. It's ridiculous how my mind titillates me with the most intriguing new ideas every time I'm trying to finish a piece; it's definitely two steps ahead of the time I'm actually able to devote to my work. Having the freedom to go off on crazy creation tangents must be amazing. Who knows, maybe in the future I'll hear, "Grandma will be down any minute, she's been in the studio for three days straight and she can't wait to see you guys."

I'm guessing I'll adapt and make use of all of that freedom, but for now I think I'm more productive with the kids close. I remember Alice Neel saying something similar in an interview, that she works better with all the hub bub around her, she wouldn't know how to work any other way.

Alice Neel

1980 Self Portrait oil on canvas

*Here's a hint about the new project, it makes use of an old video camera*

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