Tuesday, July 13, 2010

approaching the landscape in a new way (plein air class moves indoors)

Today's plein air painting class had to be adjusted because of a couple hours of heavy rains this morning. Instead of painting in the Wissahickon, we worked indoors creating mixed media landscapes. First we made patterned paper, added it to a collection of interesting scraps, and then assembled a landscape using stitching into the paper as a final detail. We even took a break to float paper boats in the giant puddles.

Ripping and cutting shapes from the landscape will help the students tomorrow when they look out at the landscape and need to make initial decisions about composition. Working with pattern and color very freely opened up possibilities about how they see color in nature.

U selected a piece of paper for her sun and when she cut it out she saw it was blue on the reverse - making an excellent moon. U said she wanted a way to keep it reversible, so J brain stormed with me about how we could make it happen. We came up with hole punching it and letting it dangle by a piece of string. It's these moments that remind you why it's important to get them working as a group; the energy is buzzing and they're excited about what they're doing.

Can't wait to get in the woods!

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