Saturday, June 12, 2010

next work in progress (20 x 20 for (w)holon show)

I found some studio time this evening and got started on my 20 x 20 piece for the upcoming show. If you haven't, please see the previous post with the 4 x 4 squares which are also part of the (w)holon show. This will give you a definition of a holon and some insight into the show.

I went into the studio about an hour ago and this is where I'm at tonight. The piece is a portrait of my two girls on the front steps in oil, on panel. I'm not going to over think this, I'm just going to post what I'm doing as I go along until the piece is finished. As you can see, I'm going right in with the paint - drawing in washes and continuing to evaluate with each stroke. Sometimes a painting starts and the entire process is like a dance - it's elegant and each step is satisfying. There are also the paintings that I wrestle with, the ones that I consider taking to the curb on trash day a few times. Sometimes these paintings come together in a surprising and satisfying way - sometimes they are put to rest.

I hope to post more tomorrow.

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