Tuesday, June 1, 2010

glitter and artistic frustration

Painting is my passion - it is also my job and brings with it deadlines, budgeting of time/money, and stresses like any other. Even if I weren't involving a business aspect with what I do, I would never say that painting is a stress reliever; there are paintings that keep me up at night and bring me down to the studio to work bleary eyed in my pajamas. That said, the euphoria of having it all come together is worth all of this. Like all the other things that bring purpose to our life, this is a complex relationship and part of the sweetness is in the drive and the struggle.

Here are some quotes that I have collected on the subject:

"I am very depressed and deeply disgusted with painting. It is really a continual torture."
- Claude Monet

"There are about five people in my life to whom I really listen. They may not always be right, but they know what I'm trying to do."
- Emily Mann

"You feel like a prisoner if you don't create. You're jailed up inside yourself."
- Edie Brickell

Every day is different, every work is a journey, but when too much time goes by without glimmers of accomplishment (which, by the way, only you can be the judge of) it can become maddening...I will now refer to those as "Claude moments"

So, about the glitter - for me it is a stress relief. I like covering things in glitter to relive pent up artistic frustrations. I find a little chatski, or old plastic toy, and cover it with garish silver glitter. The instant transformation and harmony that the various little animals take on when they are unified with the little light reflecting particles is very pleasing. In a way I think I'm priming my mind for a sense of accomplishment that will fuel my pressing on with a more weighty subject in the studio arena.

Martha Stewart isn't the only glitter queen.

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