Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dishes from the garden

Lunch - with quite a bit from the hens and the garden. In a month or so we should be able to provide everything except the couscous.

Cook some large pearl couscous (the large is so much better for holding up to all the veggies)

Get some garlic and olive oil going in a big pan

Put in the cherry tomatoes and cook and stir until they start to blister and pop

throw in the slivers of sweet pepper - let them soften

throw in the kale, toss it around but don't over cook

Then toss your pan of veggies with the couscous - presto!

I cooked one of this morning's eggs and placed it over the couscous, the yolk breaking into the mixture is delicious!

This basic dish will be good with whatever we happen to be gathering in the garden....enjoy!

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