Tuesday, June 8, 2010

busy doing nuthin'

You know that Biz Markie song - Busy Doing Nuthin'? That's how I felt all day. Can I go running? Can I start the new painting I'm itching to get at? Can I surprise the girls with that mural on their wall I've been planning? Can we get together? NO - I'm busy doing nuthin' - well, not technically nothing, but nothing gratifying... nothing that will even be noticed.

There's been a lot of this for the past couple weeks, paper work, tying up projects that have stretched on too long, cleaning, and little fix it jobs around the house.

So, as I'm putting away stacks of laundry, cleaning the kitty litter, and polycoating things I'm tired of looking at, this is streaming through my head in that crazy Biz-garble:

That's junk
This goes ooutto all you b****** doin' nuttin'
Ka-ka-cause that's all you be doin'
Am-am-i right b, am I right doc
Am I right shell, am I right V
They go nowhere fast and then backwards...
Word up, I didn't even..okay
Bblabaldblablball, ah!!

That's why I love you, Biz - Bblabaldblball - exactly.

Through all the chores and drop-off and pick-ups I must have run past the nasturtiums by the front door 100 times the past couple days. I can see they are blooming and I've wanted to kneel down and smell them, but I haven't even stopped, I just eye them and fly on past. The thing is, I'm actually someone who enjoys household chores to some degree, I love keeping a home and a garden and figuring out how to do it well, so I ask myself what's going on when it seems like the balance is off.

Well, today after the nasturtiums had been warmed by the sun and the slight breeze was lifting their scent up to my nose, as the blossoms bounced and waved, I was seduced. I lay down on the grass and let the sun warm my face as I breathed in their pepper-radish-rose-orchid perfume. As I admired their graceful necks and lily pad leaves the silly song got fainter...and fainter... until I couldn't hear it anymore.

I need to be careful with these busy nuthin's, they're sneaky.
The nuthin' busies, on the other hand, they're lovely.


  1. what a delight to read. a subtle shift in words and ... you're there.

  2. yup. exactly how I feel these days - you put it so well. and a biz markie connection - I'm in!



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