Monday, June 14, 2010


I remember posting that I wanted to work on the 20 x 20 piece last night - I ended up making cupcakes instead. My youngest daughter has a July birthday, so she celebrated with her class today before they left for Summer vacation.

I thought we'd make my favorite carrot cake recipe, but she wanted to treat her classmates to something with more pizazz. As you can see, it was birthday zing all the way. If we do it every now and then we won't become so desirous of the contraband.

I thought I'd finish and paint after, but realized I was spent after baking for a couple hours with no AC. I've gotten better at realizing when I should just let it go and not work when I'm too tired - priming, measuring, stretching, or shipping can get squeezed in, but at this stage in a painting I'm liable to regret not having my full attention.

Tonight's another night.

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