Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the pass around journal

It's so busy here this time of year! We're slowly adjusting to a school schedule and trying to get the most out of the last weeks of summer. I know the participants of the pass around journal want a peek at the completion of their prompts, so I'll make an attempt to catch you up over the next few days.

The pass around journal started out with an invitation and a prompt. Each child would receive the journal with a prompt created by the child before them. They would complete it on a page of the journal and then create a prompt of their own to pass along. The pass around journal acted as a summer activity, but it was also sent around to strengthen the love of journaling. A personal journal can be our spark when we need inspiration and help us learn to be still and listen to ourselves - clearing away the clutter and noise. A group journal adds the element of passing notes, sharing windows into our lives and discovering what we share, and where we differ.

So far the ages have ranged from six to nine for this project. I imagine writing could become a more significant component with teens or adults...that would be fun!

Here's one of the recent exchanges:

You can see more here, here,and here.


  1. I love them! She'll be able to see how her prompt was completed soon.



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