Saturday, August 28, 2010

oh, they're mad alright

This will be short - there's plenty to read on the subject and I'll leave the jokes to Jon Stewart. Sure Beck and Palin's careful cultivation of folksy backwardness might soften the delivery, but what's being served is still good ol' divisive nastiness. Glenn Beck's "non-political" Restoring Honor rally is exactly the kind of ambiguous orgy of fear and prejudice the Republican party has mastered....oh, I'm sorry, this wasn't about politics was it. The speeches are like a game of Mad Libs - you just fill in the grey areas with whatever your personal prejudice happens to be. There's always a whole lot of "You guys said it, not me!"

At the end of it I'm not quite sure what they're looking to restore. As far as honoring our military - we honor their service by not asking them to endanger their lives chasing money and phantoms.

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