Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Art makes work; work makes art" (done being on hold)

Lakshmi represents the beautiful and bountiful aspect of nature.

We've been experiencing a pause button moment around here (actually it's been a couple weeks) It's just one of those times when things need to be evaluated, a healthy thing to do, but lack of forward movement can make me feel a little lost. I try to still my mind and stay in the moment - Om shrim mahalakshmyai namah - what an exercise with three young children asking me, "What next, what next!"

The pause has also effected my work; for a while I felt like I couldn't start anything. This went on until a couple of days ago when I realized I was missing my almost daily walks in the Wissahickon. I pulled out a canvas and told everyone I needed fifteen minutes. I put in the basic composition - notes to myself about what it was that struck me at that moment. Later I realized that the painting was of the light in the woods at spring time, a time when I was not asking the questions I am now.

What a refuge the forest is! A symphony of change, movement, and growth contained by the promise of its seasons. I'll hike to the spot again tomorrow before I add the finishing touches.

When I was washing my brushes today I realized I was done being on hold.

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