Friday, January 28, 2011

a snow day scrap craft

Look who sneaked away from being the Snow Day Hostess. While the kids enjoy some bagel pizzas and hot chocolate I'll share the craft we'll be doing later. This is another craft that makes use of fabric scraps and beads. It's not complicated and gives you a chance to play around with color and texture. Sometimes an activity like this will spark ideas for color relationships I may want to explore further in the studio.

To start you need a pin back. You can find these at the craft store by the bag full. I happened to pick-up some self adhesive ones on sale; you don't need them to be, but it is helpful for little hands to wrap the fabric when there's some cushion and stick.

Take strips of scrap fabric or ribbon and start wrapping the pin.

After wrapping the fabric, attach the wire to one end (right above the clasp) and finish with a simple loop so that you don't leave a scratchy end.

Now, wrap once, add one bead - repeat. When you get to the end attach the wire by wrapping it tightly above the clasp, clip off extra wire and end with another simple loop.

It ends up looking something like this.

There are many ways to fool around with the basic it a snow day Medal of Bravery.

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