Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year's day

As the new year approached I continued to untangle the tendrils of distraction and complication. Some I set gently aside and some I whacked through with a machete. At the same time I sheltered the new growth and marveled at its invisible compass - its unwavering tie to the light.

So here it is - new year's day. I'm just wandering around taking stock of things. No time for the studio yet (I'm getting antsy) just cleaning and winding down from the visits and the cooking and the play dates. I'm trying to find things I like about January. The grey stripes of grape vines across the hills looks kind of pretty this time of year...I guess. I like that the ground thawed a little over the past couple days; now I can smell the earth a little. I like losing my hands in the pony's winter coat and eating pop corn and cocoa with the littles.

Around here today:

A scent geranium is blooming in the kitchen

A tree is waiting to be undressed

Dogs are muddy

cat is content

The hens are keeping warm

The studio is still there


  1. "invisible compass - its unwavering tie to the light." ... an incomparable turn of phrase as always in an otherwise deceptively simple post.

    i think one of the great strengths of your writing is how well you manage a simple surface that suggests all the tangled complexity beneath.

    and--you know me--i recommend you put down the machete and go for the controlled burn.

  2. Oh my goodness, Rosemary. You are absolutely a beautiful writer. Thank you for this post.



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