Wednesday, January 12, 2011

retro plants

I love house plants. There's a special kind of comfort I get from house plant heavy 60's and 70's interiors with begonias, bromeliads, spider plants and arrow heads...

photo of the Eames House from 1949, with a large Monstera delciosa in the foreground

 From an old macrame book, “Macrame Accessories: Patterns and Ideas for Knotting” by Dona Z. Meilach (1972)

And things like this ^ hanging around. My parents didn't even decorate like this, so I'm not sure where this nostalgia is coming from, but I went through a phase where my bedroom looked like a kitchen from 1973.

About a year ago Big A brought home a little plant in a tiny terracotta plant, about as big as a thumb, that he bought from a street vendor. We don't know what it is, but it's beautiful and today I spotted the beginnings of a little bloom. Can anyone help me identify this plant?


  1. I love spider plants. I've successfully over-wintered three of them this year. I love to hang them from the porch in the spring & summer. As far as that plant goes, my first thought was some kind of bromeliad.

  2. Hang on while I ask Twitter for you.

  3. I love spider plants too. I'm not sure why they've fallen out of fashion...they're great for purifying the air.

    Thanks, VC!



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