Tuesday, April 12, 2011

meet Vicky & the new peeps

The new chicks came in two groups. The first ones are getting their adult feathers and have just gone out to the coop; the younger ones are still in the house under the brooder light. My daughter's new speckled Sussex, Vicky came back inside last night during the storm because she is still quite downy and would enjoy being under the light on a blustery night. I was worried she might bully the little guys, but we were surprised to see maternal instincts kindled by the little peeps already. She raises her wings for the little ones to cuddle under and gently preens them. She is an excellent adoptive/teen mama and an all-around beautiful little hen.

Here are a couple of the little ones. They are both the same age; one is a standard chick and one is a bantam.

And because it's National Poetry month I'll celebrate the arrival of our new friends with a poem:

Chicks By Carl Sandburg

The chick in the egg picks at the shell, cracks open one
oval world, and enters another oval world.

“Cheep… cheep… cheep” is the salutation of
the newcomer, the emigrant, the casual at the gates
of the new world.

“Cheep… cheep” … from oval to oval, sunset
to sunset, star to star.

It is at the door of this house, this teeny weeny egg-
shell exit, it is here men say a riddle and jeer each
other: who are you ? where do you go from here?

(In the academies many books, at the circus many sacks
of peanuts, at the club rooms many cigar butts.)

“Cheep… cheep” … from oval to oval, sunset
to sunset, star to star.



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