Wednesday, March 2, 2011

this beautiful evidence

As I pull information together for the next Meet the Farmers post I'm finding some very interesting people and some amazing stories. Their tales unravel like fables and now the posts, although hopefully helpful and informative, feel like they are just scratching the surface of a bigger story. When I started the blog I was acknowledging something that I would never be able to turn my back on. The title, Mistaken for a Rebel, came from my belief that there are many definitions of success and that we need to venture out to find our own. Our choices might appear to be rebellious, but to us it will be the most natural thing in the world. We will be home.

I had a "Whoa, I had no idea!" moment today. My sudden realization made me think of string theory - isn't it fascinating? The imagination can just run away with the idea that there are other dimensions to the universe that we can't see. Maybe we can get a taste of what that would be like by dipping into the realities within reach that we ignore. It's sometimes only a tweak of perspective that shines light on a place, a story, or a teacher.

Every person I've contacted to talk to me about their goats has been willing to give me all the time I need. They want to talk about the complexities of their milk, the land that their herds graze on, and the water they drink. Sometimes just a simple question will lead to an open invitation being extended to our family. We now have invitations in three states. You know what all of these people exuded? Passion and purpose. As imperfect as we all are, there's nothing like being in the company of someone who has found their way home.


  1. "Because if I truly admit everything into awareness, it conflicts with what I have been perceiving all these years. And behind every name, every opinion, I begin to see the additional evidence I have ignored. There is no new name to utter, there is no new opinion to arrive at: only the state of namelessness, which is not the same as confusion. Ah, but the mind shies from it the same: into distraction, into dullness, into passion." Catherine Holmes Clark

  2. I read this and went searching for more Catherine Holmes Clark - thank you for posting.



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