Monday, June 6, 2011


The first time we brought home chicks we all hoped they wouldn't turn out to be roosters. Our little urban set-up couldn't hide the inevitable crowing, so any chicks that looked like they were male had to return to the farm. One little guy remained ambiguous for a few months until one September morning when we (and our neighbors) awoke to quite a few loud cock-a-doodle-doos. I quickly brought him inside, but he would not stop. He was determined to show off his new talent and I was determined not to have a visit from animal control. He stayed in the closet until he joined a large flock later that evening.

Now we are lucky enough to have plenty of space for our barnyard explorations and think it would be rather nice to have a rooster to protect the ladies while they're foraging around the property. 

We have three Ameraucana chicks that are close to being sexed. The Ameraucana roosters are beautiful, so we're hoping one of these might be a male.

picture courtesy of Hidden Falls Farm

The kids have been guessing, I have a pick, how about you? Which of these chicks will be a rooster?

Leave a comment stating which chick you think is most likely to be a rooster:

chick #1
chick #2
chick #3
none of the above

The people who pick correctly will be entered in a drawing for a Tangelo Studio, Papier-mâché Hen. The chickens have an inspection coming up, so I'll post the results on July first.


  1. #3. s'not like a budgie is it- where the cere turns blue for a boy, pink for a girl?

  2. boys and girls should both be turning red up there - they don't have the region that the budgies have. You can look in that area to see who is developing more of a comb.

    put you down for #3?

  3. # 3 for me too. Thought I commented a while ago, but it didn't take

  4. Yes, blogger was having problems. It took me 2 days to post back.

    I actualy heard a squeaky little crow from the kitchen yesterday morning, but I have no idea who did it.

  5. I have no experience with chickens - but I am going to guess #2. hmmmm.



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