Friday, February 18, 2011

sunshine and easter eggs

Today the weather was in the high 60's again - what a treat for February! I did my best to split my studio time with farm work, but it was so hard to stay indoors and too windy to move the supplies outside. The sunny afternoon gave me the perfect opportunity to get around to a few chores that have been waiting, like hauling chicken poop to compost. While I was in the hen house I was surprised with the first Ameraucana egg. The  Ameraucana chickens have to be one of my favorites; they have feather ear tufts and lay light blue eggs. The breed is grouped together with what are called "Easter Eggers". They have a bird of prey look to them and I can imagine them strutting around in the wild unlike some of the other hens who's softer domesticated brand of beauty has them looking at home in their nesting box.  

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The longer days have a few of the girls laying regularly already. 

We have quite a variety of eggs and they're piling up. Today I had kale and a poached egg for lunch. This weekend I'll try some more egg recipes from a book I checked out at the library called, The Good Egg - the Poached Eggs on Creamy Curried Lentils are calling to me.

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