Tuesday, May 10, 2011

hen house visit

The Ameraucana is still a favorite around here, but we've added a few new breeds that we're quickly falling in love with.  


 This is our adolescent, Cleo.
Here she is with her two best friends, Lily and Licorice, the Australorps. These three are inseparable; they share knowledge about food and never compete. At night they roost together.


Extremely bossy for a little guy - we're still getting to know her. Notice the carriage of the tail and the wings pointed down.


She is an extremely gentle bird who loves to come up and visit while we're tending the hen house.

  Peep show

Ameraucana chicks and one little Japanese bantam


Barred rock chick

The barred rock is a hardy chicken and prolific layer of brown eggs - I'm happy to add some to the flock.

All in all the new birds are getting along well and enjoying plenty of conversation around the water cooler.



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