Wednesday, March 6, 2013

photo found

I found this image on the papier-mache magazine blog a while back. They didn't know the source, so neither do I.

I do feel like I've been there though - leaning against that bus in shades of mustard and brown -- cradling a bunny.

This image could have come from one of our family's old shoe boxes full of photographs.

When I was in high school I would go sifting through antique stores and thrift shops looking for discarded photographs. They would give me ideas for paintings and stories. I enjoyed that process of discovery. I liked holding the actual picture in my hand, feeling the texture of the paper, spotting the folds and finger prints. Quite different than a Google image search.


  1. Rosemary you just gave me a great idea for a class project! I think I'll arrange a field trip to a few junk/thrift shops with the kids and have them find their next project...something to paint or something to upcycle! Brilliant! And I would have sworn that was you in front of the bus with the bunny ;-)


  2. Sound like an excellent idea, Audrey!



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